About Us


Chronic Kidney Disease in Africa Collaboration (CKD-Africa) is a network of investigators representing studies related to kidney function and chronic kidney disease from all over Africa.

The CKD-Africa Collaboration is an initiative of the Non-Communicable Diseases Research Unit of the South African Medical Research Council.

The Collaboration is tasked with compiling and meta-analyzing the best available data on kidney measures and clinical outcomes.

The goal of the CKD-Africa Collaboration is to pool individual participant data from existing African studies, to:

  1. enable the burden of chronic kidney disease to be determined more accurately,
  2. create resources for the burden of chronic kidney disease to be easily tracked in future and for projections of chronic kidney disease to be made,
  3. provide reliable estimates to aid the development of policy solutions to address the consequences of chronic kidney disease,
  4. inform health services planning, and
  5. aid the understanding of the mechanisms driving chronic kidney disease across the African continent

This network aims to:

  1. provide evidence that could inform health services planning and shape policy and guidelines in Africa
  2. drive the agenda for expanding chronic kidney disease research
  3. allow for discussions centred on standardization of approaches, related to study design, kidney function measurements and estimating prevalence, enhancing the interpretability of analyses, and integrating data from multiple cohort studies
  4. create a forum for sharing analytical methods and enhance funding opportunities allowing for the development of ancillary studies using standardized methodology
  5. to support the training of Masters students and Doctoral fellows and provide an opportunity for research capacity training and networking for investigators across Africa

The potential to combine study data across the network will enhance the ability to examine multiple health outcomes related to chronic kidney disease, in addition to the ability to report more accurate estimates on the burden of chronic kidney disease across Africa.